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A list of Pastoral Charges in Northern Lights Presbytery of the United Church of Canada

Churches are clickable if they have a web site, or, when and if we have a picture and history for them.

Beaverlodge-Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge

· Beaverlodge, AB (Beaverlodge United Church)

· Hythe, AB (Historical Hythe United Church)

· Wembley, AB (Wembley United Church)

· Halcourt, AB (Halcourt United Church - Historical)


Chetwynd Shared Ministry Pastoral Charge

· Chetwynd, BC (Chetwynd Church)


Clairmont Pastoral Charge

· Buffalo Lake, AB

· Clairmont, AB (Clairmont United Church)

· Homestead, AB

· Sexsmith, AB

· Teepee Creek, AB (Historical United Church)


Edson Trail Pastoral Charge

· Valleyview, AB (Valleyview United Church)

· Bezanson, AB (Bezanson United Church - Historical)

· Debolt, AB (Debolt United Church)


Fairview Pastoral Charge

· Fairview, AB (St. Paul's United Church)

· Hines Creek, AB (St. John's - Historical)

Grace Shared Ministry Pastoral Charge

· Hay River, AB (Grace United Church)


Grimshaw—Berwyn Pastoral Charge

· Grimshaw, AB (Grace United Church)

· Berwyn, AB (Bissell United Church - Historical)


Hillcrest Pastoral Charge

· Fort Nelson , BC (Hillcrest United Church)


Lesser Slave Pastoral Charge

· McLennan, AB (McLennan United Church)

· High Prairie, AB (High Prairie United Church)


Manning/Deadwood Shared Ministry Pastoral Charge

· Manning (St. John’s United Church)

· Deadwood (St. John’s United Church)


Peace River Pastoral Charge

· Peace River, AB (St. Paul's United Church)

· Nampa, AB (Nampa United Church)


St. Luke’s Pastoral Charge

· Fort St. John  (St. Luke’s United Church)


St. Paul’s Pastoral Charge

· Grande Prairie, AB (St. Paul's United Church)


St. Peter’s Shared Ministry Pastoral Charge

· Hudson Hope, BC (St. Peter’s Church)


South Peace Pastoral Charge

· Dawson Creek, BC (South Peace United Church)

· Rolla, BC


Spirit River Pastoral Charge

· Spirit River, AB (Spirit of the Peace United Church)

· Rycroft , AB (St. Paul's United Church - Historical)


Whitehorse Pastoral Charge

· Whitehorse, YT (Whitehorse United Church)

· Faro YT


Worsley Pastoral Charge

· Worsley, AB (Worsley United Church)


Yellowknife Pastoral Charge

· Yellowknife, NT (Yellowknife United Church)